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"After all that, It's come to this" is a fanfiction by the self-proclaimed hipster Audrey and nerd Isabel about characters who are faced with some everyday problems and other ... not so everyday problems. Sometimes guests, unoriginal characters are brought in for plot twists. This fanfiction started when the girls were about twelve years old, meaning that it began in 2004. There have been many different versions of this story, in different settings and we're planning to write about them in the near-future but for now we'll stick to character introductions.


There have been many different plots and twists in the story but there's always just been one overall theme and that would be "Life's no Fairytale". Sometimes mythical creatures and other strange occurences take part in the story but they're all forced to deal with things as they'd happen in real life; unaccepted and even discriminated against.

The story is about feelings and people and getting lost and trying to find happiness. It's not like it's a devoid of joy, just as there are bad times there are good times and the story is simple the characters reactions to things that can be as simple as "My First Joint" to things as complicated as child-abuse and rape.


After all these years of writing this story and not even we know what the official genre of this story. After much deliberation, we decided to leave it as fiction and move on with our lives. It really has a bit of everything, things that would be more attractive to adolescents (maybe because we are adolescents and therefore write things as adolescents) but it overall involves things from fantasy to comedy to gore and horror to romance.

First Generation

Most of the first generation in the story consists of sex acts and substance abuse. This was the generation we stayed longest on and feature the characters with the most character development. Full Article


  • When this story started, it was based on the Potterverse. Even when we tried to create other fanfictions apart from this (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pirates of the Caribean, etc) we would always get sucked back into this one. This is our story with the most character development and it's something that's become a part of us.

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