We are three

Lucifer, Michael and Tawni from the first generation.

The story had to begin somewhere didn't it? Well, Tawni Summers and Michael Helsin are pretty much the ones who started it all. A pair of blonde, best friends whose wild and crazy and half-brained adventures usually get them into big trouble.

Main Characters

Tawni Elizabeth Summers

There are few words to describe Tawni. Her friends would call her wild and fun but her enemies would call her a whore and stupid; all of which are correct. Tawni's a wildchild, she had always been but with this thirst for adventure and fun comes desire for sex and drugs; at least it did for her. She has always been a rebel, going against any kind of authority as long at Michael was at her side. Full Article

Michael "Micha" Helsin

Michael is just as crazy as his best friend, Tawni. He's a little bit more rational when it comes to simple things. He isn't one to scream and yell and even get physically violent like Tawni. He usually just distances himself and hides his real feelings in order to avoid hurting other people's feelings. He's very considerate and helpful. After a few months of meeting Tawni, both of them grow (firstly) sexually attracted to each other before later starting their (unannounced) open relationship.

Lucifer "Luci" Helvetti

Lucifer is (surprise) a Satanist. Yes, that is his real name. He has a very dark and pessimistic attitude towards everything in life. He makes pretend he really dislikes the two aforementioned idiots but he really doesn't mind Michael's antics and actually falls in love desperately with Tawni. He refuses to admit it, even though he sometimes flirts with her in ways that he knows she's too stupid to notice. Even though he tries to stays away from the other two, he's always present when needed. There's a lot still unknown about this mysterious guy. Full Article

Icen FitsPatrick

Icen is a timid girl who was actually Tawni's friend before Michael was. The trio meet when Tawni goes missing and Icen asks for Michael's (who had been currently sitting in a school hallway doing nothing) help in finding her friend. She always had a very pretty, border-line romantic relationship with Michael. It is unknown if they had these "episodes" or what we like to call mushiness knowngingly. When first introduced, Icen would cut herself because she felt unattractive and would even go to the lengths of cutting her bangs so they'd hide her face out of view.

Noah Morisette

Noah is the school drug-dealer. Not only does he deal but he has his own special little garden in the only bedroom of his shitty apartment. He plays the guitar and sings (the latter is only when drunk). He doesn't hang out much with the others but is always after Michael for sex. He is just as promiscuous as his blonde friends and is aware that Icen doesn't like him very much. He has a strong dislike for cats, especially when high. He has a record with the police due to over 6 arrests for posession of narcotics and one DUI.

Mackenzie "Mackie" Vitualamen

Mackie is Noah's best friend. She's a girl that was diagnosed with schizophrenia from a young age. Her main trait is that fact that she's always seen with a stuffed toy bunny. In one of the plot twists, she commits suicide after her bunny is stolen from her. She plays the violin and isn't very friendly (not because she doesn't want to but simply because she's afraid to face rejection). Worsening to mental condition, she also does drugs because of Noah and doesn't really hold a close bond to any other character but him.

Trent Summers

Tawni's older and abusive brother. He's very close-minded and is only interested in making money off of others misfortune. When younger, he would rape and abuse his sister and as they grow he begins to whore her out to his friends. As men, Michael beats Trent in a fight to protect Tawni and Trent decides to leave them alone. He owns a brothel and takes no part in anyones lives.

Minor Characters

Zoë Goossens

A transvestite prostitute that works for Trent. She got along very well with Tawni while she was forced to work for her brother. She's rather friendly to Michael, even though she teases him about being dumb and air-headed sometimes. She's very sarcastic and rude to people she doesn't know.

Soma Cruz

One of Tawni's ex-boyfriends. They had a mutually violent relationship, getting into multiple fights (usually after sex). He's a player even if he doesn't like being played. Most of the times that he hooks up with Tawni are for one night stands; not even speaking to ask how the other is and skipping right to the dirty business.

Narcia Cruz

Soma's cousin. She befriends Noah along with her sister, Lira. She's very friendly and witty. She has characteristically dyed blue hair.

Lira Cruz

Narcia's sister and Soma's other cousin. She grows a crush on Noah (which is mutual) but she never admits it. She's more outgoing and extroverted than her sister, even though both sisters are just as friendly. Don't let this make you think they're push-overs; they know how to kick some ass.

Oaken Yaxley

A silent, loner that Icen had been crushing on since her first day in school. Even though he barely smiles and keeps to himself, he doesn't entirely cut people out and is actually extremely polite and a very dedicated friend.

Syvlan Yaxley

Oaken's twin brother, who has dyed green hair so people could tell him apart from his twin. He's rude and douchey, unlike Oaken. He's also rather dumb. He's known to be violent sometimes and is responsible for the death of one of Icen's brother, Donnie.

Owen Helsin

Michael's twin brother. He's a lot more reserved and quiet when compared to Michael. He becomes Saya's boyfriend and doesn't appear much in the story itself.


An intellectual girl who was actually one of the first characters in "AATICTT". She becomes Owen's girlfriend in the story before disappearing into obscurity.

Eve Lawrence

A very spacey girl. She has a fairy haven in her home, bringing it in after finding it out in a forest and saving it before a company burned the forest down to build a factory. She's very friendly and sweet, people consider her rather air-headed but she's actually pretty wise.

Jakob Morisette

Noah's older brother. He only appears when Noah calls him so they can get easily into bars and clubs. The two brothers have a bad past but they put everything behind them when they're actually rather grown. Jakob is also a drug-dealer. He works one rank above Noah and actually helps his brother deal.

Tyler Libri

A homosexual intellectual who was Oaken's friend during high school, growing insanely jealous when Icen comes in and admit to Oaken that she has a crush on him. He constantly lies to Oaken so he would be disinterested.

Circes Libri

Tyler's younger sister. Michael meets her in the cafeteria at the hospital and is shocked to find out that she is HIV positive. She only has that one appearance in the story.

Mia Cavaret

A mute girl from Spain who is only introduced at the beginning of the story. She has minor conflict with Trent when he tries to take advantage of her on the school bus but it's broken up by the bus driver and Trent is suspended for the rest of the week.

Ophelia Dejlige

A friend of Noah's and Mackie's. She plays the flute and is homosexual. She has a cross-dressing girlfriend named Robin. She's very quiet and sometimes overly sensitive.

Michelle Kaveri

Michael meets her on a trip to Finland. He starts to grow a crush on her but there's no time for anything to blossom due to her gruesome mugging and murder in an alleyway.

Dana Patterson

Introduced when the first generation are already grown and married Lucifer. She dies a few years after birthing her and Lucifer's son due to a tumor found in her brain. She was blind and had a very gentle personality.

Ronald "Ronnie" Clinton

A boyfriend Tawni has momentarily. He's the lead singer of his band but any signs of a professional future dwindle when Tawni kills him with a fire poker when he threatens to cheat on her.

Robin Shamal

Ophelia's girlfriend. She crossdresses as a male because she dislikes people discriminating against her and Ophelia when they see both girls together.

Jasmine Rockwell

A girl that passionately hated Tawni during their High School years. She is very wealthy and in actuality hates Tawni because she made her and her boyfriend, Soma Cruz, break up after Soma cheated with Tawni. She later marries Trent as a way to get back at Tawni but divorces him and leaves him with custody of their kids when he beats her for the first time during their marriage.

Elizabeth Nike

Evan's girlfriend through most of his teenage years. They eventually marry. She's very helpful with his family, helping his mother clean the house.

Evan FitsPatrick

The oldest child in the FitsPatrick child. He was devasted by the death of his younger brother and decided he'd make sure nothing like that ever happened to anyone else in his family. He grew over-protective over his siblings, especially Icen when he saw the kinds of people she chose to associate herself with.

Donald "Donnie" FitsPatrick

The second oldest child of the FitsPatrick family. He was known to be very giving and loving but he is killed by Syvlan Yaxley one night while returning home from the market with dinner.

Christopher "Chris" Fitspatrick

The fourth oldest child in his family, along with his twin Damian. He's very mischevious and gets along best with Icen, always covering for her when she needs help.

Damian Fitspatrick

Chris' twin brother, sharing the spot as the fourth oldest child. He's a bit more timid than Chris but always helps his brother with his immature ways.

Patrick FitsPatrick

The fifth oldest sibling in the family. He's a bookworm and rarely leaves his room. He never really comunicates with anyone in or out of his family. He's the only child in the family that wears glasses.

Colleen FitsPatrick

The youngest member of the FitsPatrick family. She's extremely violent and has many anger-management issues. She even attacked Michael after he snapped back at her when she began to taunt him about Icen not caring about him.

Elliot Davis

A photographer who falls in love with Icen. He never tells her, choosing to live as a hermit and working on his photography. He secretly works for the government, keeping tabs on thousands of criminals; almost as a stalker.

Israel Vennlig

A quiet boy who gets along well with Robin and Ophelia. He plays the drums and even if he rarely smiles and isn't very friendly, he's mush on the inside.

Richard Beckham

A rich prick who had a drunken fling with Tawni. He disliked her before the fling due to her state of poverty and dislikes her even more after the fling, insisting she was the one that coaxed him into it. Him and Tawni would always find ways to torment each other throughout their school years.

Nikolas "Nick" L.

A Russian Tawni had been desperately in love with since she met him. He gives piano lessons and works as a substitute teacher. Secretly, he is Death.

Chassis Maddox

A waitress that meets Sinclair in a nightclub and begins to crush on him. She was entirely unaware of Sinclair's vampirism and is murdered by the vampire queen herself.

Nero Staccozi

A mafioso that had a very bad alcoholic phase when younger, leading to him raping Tawni and impregnating her. He lives in Italy with his cousin and doesn't even find out he's a father until years into the future.

Alex Staccozi

Nero's female cousin. She disapproves of her cousin's cold personality but doesn't let it phase her. She's a nice person who helped Nero accept the fact that he was a father when he found out.

Luciano Bove

A childhood friend of Nero's (even best friend if possible) who fakes his death in order to protect his family. He's Giovanni's older brother and comes back after years of the others thinking he was dead. Not a very happy moment.

Giovanni Bove

Lucianno's younger brother, completely devasted at his brother supposed 'death'. He marries Karen Wilson, has a kid and divorces all in the same year. Drowned in debt due to child support, he drowns himself in alcohol.

Karen Bove-Wilson

Ex-wife of Giovanni and mother of his daughter, Destery. She sucks Giovanni dry of all his money and treats him rudely. She dislikes all of Giovanni's friends and doesn't let Giovanni take Destery near them.

Mythical Characters


An angel that is sent to exterminate Tawni's son, Dominic. He becomes close friends with Michael, who convinces him not to harm the boy.


The actual prince of Hell. Known within story as Evil Luci. He is constantly plotting against Michael (both the human and the angel). He is a bit stupid at times and takes a very attractive shape. He never turns down an offer that sounds good enough to him.


An angel that accompanies Loki. She used to live inside Tawni but is expulsed during the birth of Dominic.


Also known as Angel Micha is the arcangel that lives within Michael. He is constantly trying to ruin Lucifer's plans but only takes over Michael's body when Michael himself awakens him.


The alpha of the werewolf pack in the city. He's very protective of his pack and the strongest werewolf. His father found Coco and Vincent as children and adopted them as brothers for Lori.


A werewolf who was found already converted by Lori's father, the former pack leader. He hates his name but didn't remember his real name. Coco was given to him because when he regained consciousness, that was the first word that escaped his mouth.


Coco's younger brother, who actually studied with Michael and Tawni. He had a tiny crush on Tawni but it died over when he met his true love, Laura, a vampire.


A vampire who's usually used for comedy relief. He hates Lori and usually loses his fights against him. He was the first to find out about Laura and Vincent's secret relationship.


Another vampire who comes from an aristocratic background. He's usually seen reading and drinking blood from a wine glass. He's very classy, polite and eloquent. He meets Chassis and starts to grow feelings for her but Chassis is murdered by the queen herself before he could even tell Chassis he was a vampire.


A vampire who falls in love with Vincent. She hates snitches and really loathed Kain when he ratted out the fact that she was secretly seeing Vincent.


A vampire who is strongly devoted to her queen. She's the one that fights Laura when word on her betrayl is leaked. Laura escaped before any serious damage could be done. She's very crazy and hates Kain because he's rude to her. She has a secret crush on Sinclair.


The vampire queen. She's hard to entertain and usually grumpy. She kills Chassis when she finds out the girl was sneaking around with Sinclair and has promised Laura's death for her betrayl.


A demon who watches over the Helvetti family closely.


The gatekeeper of hell. She's usually border-line naked and watching soap-operas behind an office desk. She keeps the score of how many times Wrath and Greed are killed and sent to Hell.


A very strong demon that takes control of Icen and forces the girl to do bad things.


A demon with powers to shape shift. It takes the form of a little girl, who Lucifer treats like a daughter.

Lucifer's Seven Sins


The smartest and oldest of all the sins. He is, for lack of a better word, Lucifer's assistant. He also has a mad scientist complex and creates different kinds of creatures.


Doesn't really take part in the story, considering he's too fat to get up and too stupid to understand what's going on. He's able to consume and digest anything and has an extremely advanced sense of smell.


The second physically strongest of the seven sins. He's closest to Lust and Wrath. He's constantly in a competition with Wrath to see who is killed off least on Earth and sent back to Hell. He has the ability to cover the outer layer of his skin with indestructable material, allowing him to throw painful punches.


The physically strongest sin. He hates the fact that Greed is older than him. He cares about Greed and Lust the most out of all the sins. He has beyond human strength and agility. He is still pretty stupid though. He's also known for having a foul mouth.


One of the weakest sins. She loves Greed and Wrath very much and watches out for them a lot. Her only power is the ability to elongate her nails and slice through anything with them. She abuses this power, considering it's the only strength she has.


He's the second youngest sin. He doesn't speak to any other of his siblings, staying in his room most of the time and reading.


The youngest and seemingly weakest sin of them all. She's known to have telekenisis, though few see it in action. Not much is known about her personality or way of thinking, considering she sleeps through out the majority of the day and night.


  • The two actual character in the story are Tawni and another girl named Saya but Saya becomes Owen's, Michael's twin brother, girlfriend and disappears into obscurity.