Icen FitsPatrick



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December 15th, 1982





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Dublin, Ireland






Hipster Audrey

Icen FitsPatrick is the goody-two-shoes of the group. While the others party and drink, she keeps herself locked up in her room doing homework and listening to music. She dislikes the rebel-lifestyle. Icen's extremely shy and introverted. She doesn't like being picked on and when she get's fed up, she grows a backbone and defends herself. She's very motherly and sweet; this is partly why she's so accepted into her group of friends. She's a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Icen is a very naive character. She tries to see the good in everyone, even if this means that she ends up hurt. She doesn't believe that someone can be completely bad. She's a bit of a coward when it comes to confrontation. She's a pacifist, against the belief that violence is the answer. She believes that there can be a peaceful solution to everything.

Icen was diagnosed with Insomnia when she was ten years old. She spends several sleepless nights before spending an entire day fast asleep in her room. During these sleepless episodes, she spends most of the night on the computer or quietly practicing her singing.

As a child, Icen loved to sing. Her biggest dream was to make it big one day and become a very famous and well-known singer.

Icen isn't very social because she's too shy to approach people. This, however, doesn't mean she's not kind. She's a very sweet and open girl and engages in conversation with anyone willing to start one. She loves talking to people and is very well-mannered and respectful.

Even though Icen has a very happy-go-lucky attitude, she has very low self-esteem and dislikes herself in general. She takes any criticism towards her persona seriously, even if it's said jokingly.

Icen is deathly afraid of dogs, having been attacked by one as a young girl.

Physical AppearanceEdit


An older Icen.

As a teenager, Icen would wear her hair over the majority of her face due to the aforementioned low self-esteem she suffers from. To this day, she still has the scars on her legs and arms from the multiple times she'd self-inflict pain from the deep depression she suffered from.

Her hair is an orange-red color which she flattens out as a teenager. She has big blue eyes, which she only shares with her deceased brother Donnie. (All her other siblings have green eyes.)

Icen has small freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. As she grows older, they seem almost washed away. She grows her hair long and wavy and styles it out of her face.

Icen has a very pale complexion and is slim, even though she eats like a pig. She doesn't like being very feminine but this changes when she develops her crush on Oaken. She forces Tawni into teaching her how to wear make-up and make herself look nice.

Icen is average height and average weight. She has a fantastically melodious voice , she's an extremely deep and emotional singer.

Icen dislikes wearing skirts and dresses as a youth but grows to wear them almost every day for her job when she grows, particularly for her job. She prefers wearing sweaters and shorts, finding them more comfortable. She also prefers sneakers or flip-flops over high-heels.



Icen FitsPatrick was born in Dublin, Ireland into a poor but humble family. Claire and Douglas are the names of her parents; a hard-working father and a stay-at-home and busy mother. She was the third child to be born into the family, following her two older brothers Donnie and Evan. Two years after Icen, came the twins Chris and Damian. A year after the twins, Patrick was born and another year passed before the youngest FitsPatrick sibling was born, Colleen.

Running red

Icen as a child.

Icen had a very happy childhood. She spent most of it at the park or going around town with her siblings. Things began to turn sour when Icen was nine years old. That was when a sixteen year old Donnie came home with several stab wounds in his abdomen. Icen had been seated at the foot of the stairs while Evan did his best to keep his brother alive.

It took twenty-three minutes for the ambulance to get there and Donnie slipped into a coma on his way to the hospital. He died a few days later. The FitsPatrick family was hit hard with the death of their second oldest child and the parents made the decision to leave the city and head for the States to try and move on with their lives.

Icen is diagnosed with Insomnia at ten years old. Doctors suggest that it could be due to the trauma that her brothers death caused her. She takes her medicine and usually sleeps three to four hours nightly. When she grows upset, she can't sleep a wink.

Icen met Tawni when the two were assigned to do a project together in seventh grade and later met Michael when asking him for help to look for Tawni when the blonde girl mysteriously went missing. After Michael sticks up for Tawni and defends her from her brother, the two girls befriend the social butterfly.

During these pre-teen years, Icen couldn't help but develop a low self-esteem whe she felt herself compared to Tawni. She felt ugly and would take out her pains with a blade across her arm. She would commit these acts of self-harm when she would be critized or laughed at. She'd keep them as secret as she could, not wanting for anyone to intervene.

Unlike Tawni, Icen always had an extremely strange relationship with Michael. It was understood that Tawni and Michael were friends with benefits but most people never really deciphered what went on between Icen and Michael. There was deep trust and small hints of flirting but they never grew to be something serious. It was a healthy relationship in contrast to the parasitic relationship Michael had with Tawni.

Teenage YearsEdit

Growing up, Icen's relationship with Michael began to grow more distant as she grew to like another guy named Oaken. Even though Michael is the first to find out about Icen's suicidal tendencies and threatens to tell Evan if she doesn't stop cutting herself. She agrees for the sake of her older brother and resorts to calling Tawni for help. She finally begins to grow more confident in herself as the blonde girl fixes her hair and teaches her to dress nicer and make herself more presentable.

During many trips to a deserted forest-land in the city with Tawni and Michael, Icen is attacked by a massive dog which triggers her fear of any kind of dog. This causes the FitsPatrick family to give away their dog in order for Icen to feel comfortable in their own home. The dog attack is the reason for several scars she has on her back and neck. She slowly begins to repress the painful memory as she grows.

Icen and Oaken finally begin to go out as friends during Icen's junior year in high school and grow to have a serious relationship during their college years.

to be continued(laaaazy)