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October 12th, 1981





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Espoo, Finland


Luci, Luce




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Lucifer "Luci" Helvetti is a pessimistic person who befriends Michael and Tawni during their high school years. He was born in Finland and lived there for six years before moving to New York city with his mother. He doesn't like leaving his house and can be a bit of a prick if hassled too much. He doesn't do drugs or drink alcohol but is known to have a short fuse. He chooses words as his weapon of mass destruction instead of his fists but won't hesitate in knocking someone's teeth out if they become too bothersome.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Lucifer is a very sullen and deppressive character. He rarely smiles and dislikes socialization. He's what most would consider a "Joykill" considering he doesn't like going out. He rarely speaks and when he does, it's usually to insult someone. The few good traits about Lucifer are the fact that underneath his tough exterior he really does have a heart and knows when he should be respectful. He also respects women completely and he's the kind of person that's brutally honest. Most people tend to stay away from people like Lucifer but the guy isn't really that bad.

Most people set Lucifer apart becauuse of his beliefs but seriously speaking, they're missing out on an honest and loyal friend. He doesn't like expressing his emotions freely, which Michael always insists is wrong for him to do but Lucifer considers the situation of sitting down and sharing his feelings too uncomfortable to actually go through with it.

Lucifer is extremely mature and knowledgeable. He doesn't usualy give out advice because he doesn't really have who to give advice to. He's extremely responsible and always owns up to his actions if he did something wrong.

He follows in his family's footsteps in their beliefs even though he's not a strong believer of other-worldly creatures.

Physical AppearanceEdit

That was wild

An anime version of a younger Lucifer.

Lucifer has pitch black hair that he grew up to his shoulders and kept shaggy as a youth. A few slivers would away break away from the mold and fall into his face. As he grows older, he lets his hair grow longer and ties it back most of the time to keep it out of his face. His hair is naturally straight and rarely tangles. It's very soft to the touch. He has very bright amber eyes he inherited from his mother and very pale skin. He has three birthmarks on the back of his shoulder that form a triangle. He looks nothing like his father, who had red hair and gray eyes. He has only one piercing on his left ear and a tattoo Tawni had made him get of a tiny anchor on his wrist that matched one she already had.

During his childhood, Lucifer is a thin and scrappy-looking kid but as he grows he eats well and builds muscles. Not that he's a jock but he does keep himself in shape. Now that he works he barely has time to put two and two together but it wasn't like all the working out he did as a young man didn't pay off. Lucifer has only smiled once in the entire history of the story. He characteristically has sunken eyes and high cheekbones.

As a teen he always wore tight pants and baggy shirts and sweaters in dark colors but as he grows, he becomes more conscious of what matches and what doesn't and wears more fitting and finer clothes. Some don't believe it but Lucifer actually has a rather well-developed sense of fashion.

Lucifer is rather tall; reaching 5'9 when he's eighteen years old and weighing 140 lbs. Physically, Lucifer is pretty strong considering he spent most of his teenage years working out. He has a very tender voice which honestly only enforces his sweet and shy inner-self.



Lucifer was born on the 12th of October of 1991 into a family with Satanic beliefs. His parents were Faustus Helvetti and Pandora Häyhä. He was born in Espoo, Finland and lived there the first six years of his life. His parents themselves were extremely loving towards him. Lucifer was five years old when his family began to be discriminated upon for their beliefs. People would throw rocks and break their windows, they'd spray-paint the outside of their home and do several other horrible things to them. When Faustus loses his job, the family starts to fall apart. The final straw is when the father mysteriously dies one afternoon when returning home from an interview. It is still unknown whether the death was accidental but that was more than enough for Pandora to leave the country.

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A drawing of Lucifer's home in the States.

With full-custody of her now six year old son, Pandora flees to New York. Having been born into a rich family, Pandora didn't have to worry about her financial issues. She buys her and her family a home and they settle in. When Lucifer starts Primary school he is picked on mercilessly and it isn't until a fairly dumb boy named Michael Helsin steps in and sticks up for the kid. Lucifer acts unappreciatively but unknowingly became friends with Michael for the rest of his life when he accepts to sit next to him on the school bus. As time goes by and Pandora grows lonelier, she begins to keep Lucifer around more and more. She doesn't let him go to the park or run to the corner for something. She keeps him in the house even if she doesn't even speak to him. Unaware of his mothers true intentions, Lucifer obeys and gives up any hope of having a social life. He remains at the house and reads all day. That's what most of his life consisted of. Reading. Not that he regretted any moment of it. He loved reading and reading anything; be it a novel or a biography or even the newspaper. Thanks to this, Lucifer grows to be a very intellectual being.

Teenage YearsEdit

Lucifer fell in love with Tawni from the second he saw her and that's why he stayed as far away as possible from her. Considering his only "friend" was Michael and Michael was Tawni's best friend, the aforementioned task was hard to do but he always found a way to do it. Whenever she turned in her seat and asked to copy his homework, he'd swiftly hand it over and avoid eye contact. When she'd ask him what his name was, he'd make pretend he didn't hear her and walk away. This was hard because he really did like her (besides the fact that whenever Michael would rush over to greet him, Tawni'd be draped over his arm like a shawl).

When they finally enter High School, Lucifer decides to face his fears and converses with Tawni. They become friends and Lucifer grows more and more nervous when Tawni actually insists that they went out together and persisting that it should be "just the two of them". On that date, however, Tawni convinces Lucifer to get his anchor tattoo and they have sex; making Lucifer a man (OH YEAH, BABY!).

When Lucifer finds out that Tawni is pregnant, he inconspicuously offers her support by buying her an apartment so she can live there with Michael and the baby. Lucifer always knew the two would end up together, which is part of the reason he never admitted to Tawni his true feelings.


Lucifer goes to Law school and becomes one of the best paid lawyers in all of New York. During his college years, he meets a girl named Dana who after a few months of dating admits to him that she's pregnant with his child. He keeps this a secret from his mother, knowing that'd he be cast out of the family if he told her he had impregnated a girl and pays for a place for Dana to live in.

Dana gives birth to Aiden Helvetti, Lucifer's first child on the 2nd of February of 2002. Shortly after this, his mother remarries and announces that she's expecting.

Feeling as if his world is falling apart as his debts start to catch up to him, Lucifer goes into a non-stop studying phase and finishes his Law school quickly, he's accepted into one of the best firms in New York and finally pays off his debts. Due to this hassle, he barely spends time with his girlfriend and son. Things turn momentarily sour when Dana is pregnant again and later dies while giving birth, fighting against a growing tumor in her head. Lucifer's daughter, Lilith Helvetti, is born on the 23rd of September of 2006.

Lucifer first tells Michael and Tawni and they take Aiden and Lilith in to babysit while Lucifer worked. Tabitha, Lucifer's younger sister, is born which also consumes more of Lucifer's time and life considering he is not yet prepared to admit to his mother that he had a son. After years of neglect Aiden begins to misbehave along with Dominic, Tawni's son. Lilith ignores her stupid brother and waits patiently everyday for her father to pick them up.

Lucifer is called more than three times a week to his sons school to hear complaints on the principal's behalf. The oddest story he had heard was one where Aiden and Dominic were caught peeing into the coffee pots in the teachers lounge. Lucifer begins to beat on Aiden because of the childs recklessness. He goes to the degree of holding his head under water for twenty-five seconds before pulling him back up and shortly pushing his head back under. Aiden only lashes and fights back. Everytime Aiden would come home with a piercing, Lucifer would tear it from its spot and throw the rings away. When he saw Aiden's first tattoo, he burned the skin it was inked onto with a hot iron and destroyed it.

When Lucifer is woken up at 4:00 a.m one morning by police officers informing him that Aiden had been caught stealing, Lucifer kicks the reckless child out into the street and disowns him when he hears that Aiden and Dominic assaulted several people. After this, he decides to no longer take part in his sons life and cuts Aiden out of his life entirely.

Lilith was an entirely different subject. She was the first child of Lucifer's to actually meet Pandora, which makes Aiden wildly jealous. Lucifer babies her as she reaches her pre-teen years, having a bit more times to actually raise a family. Lucifer cuts off all ties with the outside world when he finds out after Tawni's suicide.

Years after, Pandora tells him that she's pregnant again with his twin brother and sister Eloise and Stephan but he doesn't attend any event having to do with them.

He spends the rest of his days in his New York loft, working from in there and lamenting the fact that he never did admit to Tawni his feelings for her.


Light & dark

Lucifer and Michael as children.

Michael HelsinEdit

Lucifer's first friend. He's the only person he has actually spoken to when it comes to his feelings and the only person who Lucifer has admitted to that he has a crush on Tawni.

Michael always offered Lucifer comfort and whenever Michael was in need (be it a conversation or a favor), Lucifer was always there to help and vice-versa. Unfortunately, as they grow older they drift further and further apart; to the point when they barely recognize each other when they pass by each other on the street.

The two were always complete opposites and people often talked badly about Michael considering they already spoke badly about Lucifer for his beliefs and they came to the conclusion that Michael probably had some pretty fucked up beliefs if he got along with and was actually by Lucifer.

Tawni SummersEdit

This is how we got the first one

A pregnant Tawni with Lucifer.

The long-time love of Lucifer's life. He always helped Tawni in anything he could and even bought her the apartment she lived in with Michael. They got matching anchor tattooe's on their wrists. Lucifer lost his virginity to Tawni when he was nineteen.

Lucifer always avoided Tawni when they were young because he was always afraid she'd find out about his feelings for her. They start talking more and more as they grow older.

Tawni even babysits Aiden when Lucifer finds himself too busy with work to do so. Lucifer's mother always disapproved of Lucifer associating himself with Tawni calling her a whore and insisting that she'd only ruin Lucifer's life.

Against his mothers word, Lucifer and Tawni remain extremely close.

When Tawni's suicide is leaked, Lucifer cuts off his ties with the outside world and doesn't leave his home even if Michael constantly visits and insists they went out.

Aiden HelvettiEdit

Lucifer despised Aiden ever since the boy began to behave the way he did. He was a wild-kid who didn't listen to anyone. Lucifer secretly blames Dominic for giving his child the idea to turn against their parents.

When Aiden would misbehave, Lucifer would usually beat the child and leave him with several scars and bruises. Considering Aiden was a hyper-active child and usually fell and hurt himself, the school never really asked if the child had any problems at home.

When Aiden is finally kicked out of the house, Lucifer cuts off any relation to him. Aiden is enraged by the constant rejection he recieves from his father and is still plotting his revenge to make his father pay for his lack of love.

Dana PattersonEdit

Wasted by Novienar

Lucifer and Dana.

Whether Lucifer really loved Dana is still questionable but what brought the two closer together in general was Dana's first pregnancy.

After Dana got pregnant with Lilith, the two began to drift apart and after Dana finally passed away Lucifer was left at a loss and with feelings of abandonment.

Especially at the fact that he was left with two now-motherless children.

Dana always suspected that Lucifer had feelings for Tawni basing herself on the fact that Lucifer never left two two alone or even near each other. He would almost never answer when she asked him anything about Tawni. Dana was always jealous of those feelings Lucifer works so hard to hide.

She never mentioned the jealousy she felt and Lucifer never asked.

Noah MorisetteEdit

Noah and Lucifer didn't really get along at first. Noah would call Lucifer a loser and add that Lucifer was just looking for attention when he acted all rude and stand-offish.

After Lucifer helps pay for one of the millions of times that Noah gets incarcerated, Noah starts treating him better. As time passes, the two continue their rather distant friendship.

Noah usually goes and visits Lucifer with Michael after the pessimist left the outside world due to Tawni's suicide.

Contact with SatanEdit

Lucifer is twenty-six when he first feels Satan himself take over his body. He doesn't fight this and would allow his Lord to do as he pleased with his body. Unbeknownst to Lucifer, he would hunt Aiden down on several occassions and severely torture the child.

Also, Evil Lucifer (what we enjoy calling him instead of Satan) buys a bar with Lucifer's well-earned money and uses it to do his bidding; be it resurrecting his own demons or making pacts with humans willing to sell their souls.

Lucifer remembers none of this when he regains consciousness but is left with an upset stomach and blistering headache.


Helvetti family tree4

The Helvetti Family Tree.


  • Lucifer actually hooks up with Michael in one of the spin-offs we do but we decided that officially, the couple wouldn't be very legit considering Lucifer is too conservative to go through with a homosexual relationship.
  • Lucifer would usually have a stubble or a beard but Audrey decided to keep him neatly shaved as an official character.
  • Lucifer was introduced as one of Noah's best friends but as time passed, Audrey decided to make him a loner befriended by the social butterfly that is Michael.