Tawni Elizabeth Summers
Forget it all



Date of Birth

May 29th, 1982





Hair Color

Platinum Blonde

Eye Color



The Bronx, New York




Erotic Dancer


Hipster Audrey

Tawni Elizabeth Summers is a rebel child with an open heart and open legs to match. She's Audrey Rosell's main character during the first generation characters in "After all that, It's come to this". She's an alcoholic junkie who can never have too much fun, trying to forget her problems back home and the problems in her head with anything that can make the pain she emotionally feels go away (even if it's just temporary relief).


Personality and Traits

Tawni is the kind of person that would blame others for the things she's done, she'd find a way to get herself out of trouble and wont really care whether or not someone is out there taking the blame. She tries and plays herself off as the heart-breaker but always ends up being the heartbroken. She can be very stubborn and hates being told what to do. She's not a pushover and doesn't let people boss her around; even if it is a person with authority over her (i.e: teacher, police officer, etc).

As she grows older, Tawni never really moves from the mental age of eighteen. She loves to party and no one can stop her or tell her what to do. She drinks and gets as high as a kite in order to smother the emotional pain of having to live as herself.

Tawni was always open-minded. She has a tough girl exterior but can be easily heart-broken. She falls in love easily which usually leads to her never-ending inebriated state. She also falls out of love just as easily. She loves to have fun and is very social. Even though she's usually seen with a smile on her lips and acts stupidly the majority of the time she's well aware of the world that's out there; having had to deal with it since she was very young. She doesn't like giving advice, too used to receiving it.

She's extremely extroverted and social. She loves making new friends and usually ends up either scaring them away with her wild behaviour or leading them into a bleak future along with her. Tawni's not responsible at all. She doesn't value anything in her life and only cares about herself and Michael.

Tawni isn't very solid on her sexuality insisting that when people are heated they don't really think straight anyways. She's had sexual experience with both male and female partners.

She isn't religious at all. She thinks Judas is the guy that sells doughnuts outside of the nearby car dealership.

She's deathly afraid of needles and doesn't like it when when other people or even herself play with knives or any other sharp object.

Her favorite color is red and her favorite animal is the cat. She loves spaghetti and adores the summer time because it's when she gets to wear the least clothes possible.

Physical Appearance

Anna wanna

A RL picture of Tawni in her teenage years.

When first introduced, Tawni has shoulder-length platinum blonde hair that she always keeps picked up with a hairclip. As she grows to be eighteen, she keeps her hair color but grows her hair long and styles it into dreadlocks. Finally, when she's twenty she just lets her hair long and wavy.

She has very pale skin, usually bruised. She has a total of four scars; one on her right elbow, a second on her abdomen, a third on her right inner thigh and a final on the base of her back.


An anime version of an older Tawni.

She's extremely thin due to malnutrition issues she had as an adolescent suffering from bulimia throughout her first high school years. Tawni has bright green eyes she inherited from her mother. When she's older, she gets several piercings and tattooes.

As she gets older, she gains a little weight and doesn't look as sick but keeps in shape working as a stripper at a club. Tawni is also a person to always make sure she looks pretty. She gets weekly manicures and pedicures, always gets her hair fixed and never goes out without any make-up.

A lot of people say she dresses very vulgarly (which isn't a lie) but she insists that she dresses like that because she suffers from hot flashes that tend to grow worse if she's wearing too many layers. Usually her wardrobe consists of tight denim shorts or skirts and a tight, tanktop and red high heels (or flipflops if she's too lazy to walk around in heels).

Tawni isn't very tall which leads to her excessive use of heels. She's only 5'1 when she's eighteen and has always disliked greatly to be called "shorty" and other nicknames related to her height. She's always been careful with what she's eaten and weighs the same throughout the majority of her life; which is 110 lbs.

She was never big-chested and also hates that about herself but due to her eating habits, she has a small waist and thanks to the exercise she would do as a teenager, she has a full ass and curvy hips. When she becomes of age, she operates her breast size and switches from a B-cup to a C-cup.

Tawni has a very soft speaking voice , opposite to her personality. She doesn't sing well, at all. Michael doesn't even let her sing in the shower.

Due to Tawni's drug dependancies, as she grows older she looks sicker and sicker with pastier skin and heavy bags under her eyes.


Tawni has a total of eleven piercings.

On both of her ears, she has expansions of her lobes stretched to 3/4. On her right ear she has an indrustrial and on her left ear she has two helix piercings. On her nose, her left nostril is pierced (stud, not ring). She has a Monroe piercing on her upper lip (stud, not ring). She has a piercing on her right nipple, in too much pain when she got it to allow the other to match. She has yet another piercing; a belly button one. She also has Snake Bites on her lower lip. Lastly, she has a 'secret' piercing only her and Michael know about.


Tawni has eleven tattooes.

On her right shoulder, she has a detailed geisha that goes all the way down to her elbow. On the right side of her chest, she has a bleeding heart with a dagger stabbed through it. On the left side of her upper back, she has a shower of stars that comes up over her shoulder. On the left side of her chest, she has a green and pink butterfly being cut in half by a pair of scissors. On her left arm, she has a spider web that starts around her elbow. Just below her left elbow, she has a smoking cigarette on her forearm. Across the remaining space on her left arm, she has the word "Fuck" written in capitol letters. Just below her right breast, she has a green and pink star and on her navel, she has a pair of angel wings and the japanese character for "Sex". The final tattoo was in reality her first tattoo, a tiny anchor she got on her wrist and later forced Lucifer to get a matching one.



Tawni Elizabeth Summers was born on May, 29th, 1982 in The Bronx, New York. Her parents are Harold and Elizabeth Summers. She has an older brother, Trent Summers. She was born into a poverty-stricken, redneck family who never really cared for each other as families should.

The day her parents brought her home, they got drunk and left her crying in the bathroom for the rest of the night. Trent was too young to do anything, only three years old when his sister was born. When Tawni was five years old, her father abused her sexually and, drenched in guilt, he drank furiously (usually going to fits of rage when he did and redundantly beating Tawni). Her mother, too high on crack to really give a shit, would do nothing to stop this and Trent only learned from his father and followed in his footsteps.

When Tawni was eleven years old, Trent began to abuse her before letting his friends in on the fun as well. Instead of going against him (only getting beat on when she did), she decided to go along with it but told Trent to give her, her own share of the money.

Tawni met Icen when she was thirteen when they were assigned to do a project together and later met Michael, when Icen asked Michael to help her look for Tawni who was arguing with her brother over missing money. Michael walked in and defended Tawni, even getting violent when Trent shoved him. Due to this fight, Tawni and Michael became best friends and went on to do many unforgettable things.

Teenage Years

When Tawni is seventeen, she becomes the girlfriend of the school player Soma Cruz. The two go on to have what most would consider a love/hate relationship where they fought and even get physically violent. During one of these fights is when Tawni gets her first scar on her right elbow when Soma pushes her and she lands on shattered glass. The causes of most of these fights were the fact that both were cheating on each other but neither wanted to admit it just because the sex was so good. Tawni and Soma finally break up after six months of being together.

Tawni was eighteen when she meets Noah, sinking deeper into the world of narcotics due to the drug-dealer. One night, she has sex with five different people. Including Lucifer, Michael, Richard, Soma and Noah. After a week and a pregnancy test, Tawni finds out that she's pregnant with her first child. Michael convinces her not to do a paternity test and decides that he would help take care of the baby. Both of them drop out of school and Michael gets a job. With the support of their friends (particularly Lucifer), they're able to rent out a two bedroom apartment so Tawni and Michael can live with the baby.

First Pregnancy

Tawni's home

The home Lucifer rents for Tawni and Michael to live in.

Within the first week of pregnancy (during which she was unaware of it) Tawni, Michael, Noah and Mackie had a little adventure to Lucifers house where they force the other to do a ritual to call forth Satan himself. Lucifer explains that they need to draw a pentagram in blood and they need a sacrifice. Noah instead draws a star with ketchup and brings up a defrosted chicken from the kitchen and throws it into the middle. Lucifer insists he doesn't know how to call forth Satan but the others insisted that he just went with it. Lucifer mumbles some words in Latin but no one was called forth. He once again stated there had to be a Pentagram, not a star, in blood and a sacrifice. Noah catches a bird outside and they draw straws to see who has to sacrifice the blood.

Tawni's the lucky victim and the ritual is repeated. Shortly after Lucifer mumbles the same words, the bird drops dead but quickly after Tawni follows it. She collapses to the floor, bleeding from the nose.

Fortunately, she survived the incident and they all supposed she had just fainted because of the sudden death of the bird. After this, they have a conversation about what they want to be when older. When Tawni is asked, she answered "Dead.".

Tawni gives birth to Dominic Summers the 6th of June of the year 2000. She spends most of Dominic's childhood, drunk and miserable or at work, a stripjoint called Angelou's. Michael works all day, during with Tawni stays with Dominic and Tawni works all night, which is when Michael stays home and cares for Dominic. All this meant their fun times were over, there was no time when there were bills to be paid. Tawni rejects this lifestyle completely, trying desperately to hook up with other people to make herself feel attractive.

When Dominic is about two years old, Tawni meets Nick and falls deeply in love with him. When he insists that they stay friends, she blames Dominic for making her ugly and beats on him. Tawni never gives up though, always calling to check up on him.

Second Pregnancy

When Noah realizes things are beginning to look grim, he buys seven plane tickets to Cancun for a vacation. Icen and Lucifer turned down the offer for their own reasons and Lira and Narcia come along in their places. They all unwind and begin to have fun when three days after their arrival things take a sour turn. There's a man following Tawni around and the blonde chooses to ignore him but things come to a horrific finale when Nero comes into the scene. He rapes Tawni in front of Dominic before walking right out the door and leaving the country.

One Tawni is recovered, they go back to the States. Tawni is pregnant again and it's twins this time. Michael leaves the house throughout her pregnancy, completely lost on what to do to help. He had no money, he had nothing to help with. He abandoned Tawni and Dominic and disappeared. During the first few months of Tawni's pregnancy, she abuses sexually of Dominic while drunk on Whiskey; an even she regreted for the rest of her life.

Tawni spent the rest of her pregnancy laying in bed and talking to Dominic about her adventures as a teen and her family and life. When she finally is in labor, she calls Icen for help and Icen (living half an hour away) calls and tells Noah (who lives a block away) to go and help Tawni while she goes on her way.

Tawni gives birth to a girl, Nina, and a boy, Leon. During the twins first few months, Tawni becomes the girlfriend of the rocker Ronnie. The two get into a heated argument and when Ronnie threatens to cheat on and leave Tawni, she hits him on the back of the head with a fire poker that causes him to fall down the stairs and break his neck. She dumped his body in an icey lake, bringing Dominic and the twins along because she was unable to find someone to babysit.

After this event, Michael comes back equipped with his parents financial help.

Third Pregnancy

During the Hell that was Tawni's life, she tangled bodies with a mafioso named Vincent Carmine Valentino and is impregnated with Luigi Valentino. She tells Michael she's leaving for beauty school, that it'd be a year and leaves him to care for the children. She gives birth to the child and he stays with his father.

When the kids grow, Tawni grows more and more emotionally unstable due to Dominic's sociopathic tendecies. The final straw with Dominic is when he buries Leon alive, pushes Nina down a well and then goes after Tawni herself. Fortunately, Lucifer is the one to overpower him and Dominic is arrested.

Luigi doesn't resurface in Tawni's life until much later, where Tawni accepts him like the son he is to her by telling him to get lost and insisting that she had no money to support yet another kid. He does as she says and gives her no more trouble.

Fourth Pregnancy

Years go by and things run smoothly, Tawni is finally pregnant with Michael's children; her second set of twins, Alara and Iah. Things grow dark again when it's leaked on the news that Dominic has broken out of jail. Thankfully, two-three years go by without any news from Dominic but the final event that drove Tawni up the wall was when she received word that Dominic now had a son.


She finishes off a bottle and a half of Whiskey after finishing off every kind of pill she had in the medicine cabinet. Tawni Elizabeth Summers was announced dead the 6th of June of 2023. She was found in her bedroom, on her bed and clenching in her hand a family photo taken the day Dominic was born.



An image of Tawni and Michael.

Michael Helsin

Michael is Tawni's best friend from the time they first meet to the moment that Tawni ceased breathing. They're both entirely devoted to each other. The fact that as they're older they don't really comunicate could have contributed to Tawni's suicide.

The two were practically inseperable as teenagers and pretty much lived through everything together. Michael was the one that helped Tawni break free from Trent. The two are always entirely honest with each other and Michael never rejects Tawni; even when he finds out about what she did to Dominic.

They shared many personality traits and interests. They both loved sex, drugs and alcohol and both are very open-minded and just over all liberated. The two help each other go through their problems together which is why they grew so intimate and attached to each other.

Soma Cruz


Soma and Tawni.

Tawni and Soma where in a relationship for a short period of time. They started as friends, grew to be friends with benefits before finally deciding to establish a relationship. During their time as friends with benefits, Soma was cheating on his current girlfriend, Jasmine. When Jasmine finds out, she breaks up with him and this is when Soma asks Tawni to be his girlfriend. During their entire relationship, they cheat on each other but choose to deny it during a confrontation.

These confrontations always lead to harsh offenses and sometimes even violence. The fights always led to make-up sex which was pretty much the only thing that kept them together.

When Tawni and Soma try dating again when older an incident in which a six year old Dominic pours crazy glue into Soma's hair occurs. This causes Soma to not only strike Dominic but to decide that he'd never talk to Tawni again. The latter is a lie and Soma returns to the house. Him and Tawni engage in sexual activity and even when Soma spots Dominic staring from the doorway of the bedroom, he doesn't stop.

Nikolas "Nick" L.

Space and time

Nick and Tawni.

Tawni and Nick meet at a bookstore Nick works at two years after Dominic is born.

Tawni first talks to Nick when she loses Dominic at the mall. She crashes into him while rushing around looking for the child.

They talk momentarily and then find the boy in a toy store.

Tawni later invites Nick out for coffee. They go out on multiple dates at around six in the morning; when Tawni gets off shift and an hour before Nick started his shift.

When Nick repeatedly turns down Tawni's sexual advances, the girl would sulk back into her home and once again drink herself to sleep.

Years later, Nick returns to Russia and marries. This could have added to the reason Tawni decides to end her life.

Jasmine Rockbell

Tawni and Jasmine hated each other since Primary school when the girls got into a fist fight over a pink bow one of them found on the floor. The girls would invent nasty rumors about the other and would continuously fight throughout Middle and High school. The final fist fight the girls had was when Jasmine found out that his boyfriend had been cheating on her with Tawni.

Tawni is unbothered when Jasmine marries her brother Trent, knowing the girl was probably doing it to bother her.

Trent Summers

S i b l i n g s

Tawni and Trent as children.

Tawni's older brother. She first lost her virginity to him when he began to sexually abuse her as a child and later began to whore her out to his friends. In the future, he gives Tawni the scar on her inner thigh when he tries to violate her with a knife.

Trent hates Tawni for leaving with Michael instead of staying and working with him but gives up on regaining any ties with Tawni when he marries Jasmine.

Lucifer Helvetti

The long-time love of Lucifer's life. He always helped Tawni in anything he could and even bought her the apartment she lived in with Michael. They got matching anchor tattooe's on their wrists. Lucifer lost his virginity to Tawni when he was nineteen. Lucifer always avoided Tawni when they were young because he was always afraid she'd find out about his feelings for her. They start talking more and more as they grow older.

Tawni even babysits Aiden when Lucifer finds himself too busy with work to do so. Lucifer's mother always disapproved of Lucifer associating himself with Tawni calling her a whore and insisting that she'd only ruin Lucifer's life.

Against his mothers word, Lucifer and Tawni remain extremely close.

When Tawni's suicide is leaked, Lucifer cuts off his ties with the outside world and doesn't leave his home even if Michael constantly visits and insists they went out.

Dominic Summers

I love you

Dominic as a child and Tawni.

Tawni's relationship with Dominic is everything but good. Like her relationship with Michael, Tawni and her son are very close and intimate during Dominic's childhood. She tells him everything and depends emotionally on him.

When Tawni does the unmentionable, Dominic finally cracks and changes as a person. Everything Dominic is in the future is all because of the psychological damage Tawni inflicted on him as a child.

Dominic is the one that gives Tawni the scars on her abdomen and back when he stabs her a few days after his attacks on his siblings.

No matter how much trouble Dominic makes Tawni go through, she always refuses to testify against him.

The idea of Dominic raising a child to grow to be like him and having to go through the same hell again made Tawni's decision to take her life definite.

Richard Beckham

Tawni and Richard have had a love/hate relationship without the love since they studied together in Middle school. Richard began to make rude remarks on Tawni's financial state and Tawni punched him in the nose as retaliation. Since that day there has been constant conflict between the two.

Richard was one of the candidates to be Dominic's father, considering him and Tawni slept together the night she had been most sexually active. They were both inebriated and set it aside as a mistake and never again spoke to each other. The only other person who knows about this is Michael.


Summers family tree3

Summers Family Tree


  • When Tawni was first created, she was just stupid and crazy but as time passed and her character developed she began to act like a whore.
  • Tawni had a black cat named Midnight when the story first started but later on, she has a pitbull named Troll.
  • In the unofficial story, Tawni meets Nick at school when they're teenagers. In the official story, Tawni meets him in a bookstore he works at when Dominic is already two years old.
  • Ever since she was young, Tawni always wanted to prove herself just as useful as any man. She was in several sports and wouldn't dress very femininely. This whole outlook on life died after she met Noah and started doing drugs.
  • Tawni's looks and personality were slightly based on the character Holli Would from the movie Cool World.